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windscreen-logoWindscreens. Pretty obvious what they are for, right? Well, you might be surprised! If you have ever tried to play tennis outside in 30 mph wind, you might realize that those windscreens are not making the wind disappear!

Windscreens two main purposes are visibility, and privacy. For visibility, it helps to have a solid background to  see the ball against when you are playing, rather than seeing everything outside of the courts. Trees, plants, pedestrians cars, etc, and movement of any kind can be incredibly distracting, so a windscreen can make your time on the court much more enjoyable. The privacy aspect of windscreens can help form a visual barrier ……….

And, as you can see in the accompanying picture, another property of windscreens is for identification and signage.

ws-openmesh2Open Mesh Polypropylene (OMP) is by far our most popular windscreen material due to the extra strength it provides in higher winds. It comes in 6′ and 9′ standard heights and cut to your custom lengths, with 4 ply borders and #3 brass grommets. This material provides 85% blockage with a distinctive horizontal pattern, and comes in either Forest Green or Black.

ws-4A very attractive and durable windscreen, Vinyl Coated Polyester (VCP) comes in a variety of colors, and custom lettering and logos can be applied. VCP is resistant to water, salt, mildew and UV rays.