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How often should I resurface? That is a question that we get asked all the time. But unlike buying a new vehicle, there are no specific repairs that have to be done at specific intervals or take a chance that your car is ruined. We can tell you what other people and/or organizations do however.

For almost all of the tennis events that you see on TV, the courts are resurfaced every year. This helps the organization control the speed of the courts and keep it consistent from year to year. The amount of play on the courts throughout the year has a huge impact on the speed, and every step and slide will be gradually smoothing out the grittiness of the surface. Even the weather, and how dirty the courts get would have an impact, because dust will act as a sandpaper helping grind it down.

Most tennis clubs, which probably get a decent amount of play on their court, will resurface their outdoor hard courts somewhere between 4-7 years. Most club level players would certainty notice the difference in how their courts play right after a resurfacing, but might not realize the gradual speeding up of the court in the years prior. This much longer time frame than the ‘TV’ courts is basically due to budgets.