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fenceThis tennis court is located in a very high wind area. The windscreen probably should have been installed flush to the top of the fence, allowing the wind someplace to escape. Unfortunately, the high winds basically just blew the fence over, bending all the poles at the bottom.

rusted-fence-poleThis fence pole has completely rusted through at the bottom, and is actually being supported in the air by the fence fabric. The fence itself is leaning here as several poles in a row were this way.

Fence-tension-wireThe tension wire on the bottom of this fence has come loose from the poles. The wind generally is coming from the back of the fence helping the fence ‘curl up’. Balls were actually going under the fence out into the grass.

fence-damageThe fence here is actually hung too low, and with the tension wire broken or loose, the fence fabric scrapes along the ground causing damage to the surface.

fence-paintingSometimes a little painting of the fence poles and/or fence fabric can give your court or facility a little face lift!

gate-damageThis gate has a problem that was left unattended for far too long, cutting deep gouges into the court surface.

top-railThis section of the fence is missing part of the top railing. Besides weakening the fencing structure, and a general eyesore, it is a hazard in that it can catch peoples clothing as they walk by or try to lean against the fence.